Black, White, Brown

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All adoptive parents face different challenges raising their kids. Race, race relations and civil rights issues in transracial families can be a touchy issue, where the right answer isn’t always black or white.

Informal kinship grandmothers need help

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Grandmothers relieve the foster care system by caring for large numbers of parentless children in New York City, but they need more than just subsidies.

Punishment in Immigrant Families

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Luis Torres has not been able to see his children for a long time. They’ve been removed to foster care for six months. Now when they were allowed to come home, Mr. Torres was ordered to move out.

The Family-to-Family strategy

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Since a year of becoming a part of the contractual agreement between ACS and foster care agencies, the Family-to-Family strategy is yet to be implemented in NYC

Castigating Child Care

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Even critics of the reform agree that Russian child welfare system does need improvement. But the public is scared that social workers and police would be taking children into custody to punish parents for their political activities.

Teen pregnancy in foster care

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Life has been lonely for Shaniqua since April when her 1-year-old daughter was placed in foster care by the New York Administration for Children Services

Rising demand for foster parents

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Rosmond Roll chose to foster parent after five of seven children left home.Roll will soon join the 10, 000 other foster parents of New York City, to look after over 15,000 children.

New Legislation Could Bring Support

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90% of all Kinship care in New York is based in New York City. Kinship care is a form of foster care where children are placed with relatives.