Sibling connection

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Brothers and sisters separated in foster care are increasingly seeking to reestablish relationships with their siblings once they age out of the system.

Embracing sexual identity

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LGBTQ teens in foster care deal with additional obstacles, such as discrimination, being sent to group homes, and more placements than their peers.

Single Dads

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Single dads step up to help foster children and provide them with a loving and long term home.

LGBT foster kids struggle for support

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State foster care systems are slow to change to support LGBTQ foster kids’ needs. In the meantime, some foster children struggle to make their way through the system.

Getting Into Trouble

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58 percent of young adults in foster care obtain a high school degree by the age of 19 compared to 87 percent of the general population. For Donte Johnson and Carrie Wright these numbers are a reality.

Left behind: teens and adoption

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Teenagers in the child welfare system wait the longest to be adopted, due to a combination of barriers that limit permanency.

Battling the System and Yourself

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Behind the smiles and the laughter in Erica Orr’s household lies a constant fear that some day soon her family will be no more.

Immigrant foster children

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Special Immigration Juvenile Status (SIJS) allows immigrant children in foster care to apply for permanent residency but the system needs to be made more efficient so that no child is left behind.