The Glass Ceiling Only Cracked

The cracks on the glass ceiling from the primary election remained but on November 8th the glass ceiling refused to be broken. This time the enthusiasm was in reality more about electing or not electing Donald Trump as the president than about electing a first woman president.

‘We don’t want another civil war and that’s why I hope that Hillary wins because Trump is going to spill hatred,” said Ralphell Davis, sitting on a bench outside the 1315 Amsterdam avenue polling site with her friends. “I am not so much excited about having a woman president but more worried about what Trump could do,” added Davis.

In a bigger picture Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both disliked for different reasons. Against Hillary, a strong voice of distrust is prevalent and against trump fear and condemnation. The choices of candidates for the election made many voters opt for independent candidates and even more citizens choose to refrain from participating in the presidential election. The enthusiasm with which people came out to vote in 2008 and 2012 was missing and among other reasons, low voter turnout was a major contribution to Clinton’s loss. ‘The previous two elections were exciting and my entire life I have never missed a voting but this time it’s like I gotta pick one,” said Margaret Ballet, after casting her vote at the concourse in the Bronx.

Post election, an unexpected election result has many thinking more seriously about the distant next presidential election. Amidst all the talk for a better future, in the streets of New York, hopes run high for one person: Michelle Obama.

“If it was a race for corporate president then his win would make some sense but he won anyway. America is not ready for a woman. They rather take their chances with a man than a woman,” said Larry Jones, a resident of Harlem, New York. “In the future Michelle Obama would be a better candidate, she has some experience in the White House and her whole basic character is respectable,” said Jones when asked about what his conditions would be for a woman president in the future.

Michelle Obama has in numerous interviews expressed the difficulties of working in the White House and stresses on herself being a moral leader than a political leader. It is actually this very trait which draws many to look up to her as their leader. “I definitely thought that Hillary was going to win even though I feel that a woman president should be someone who is a non- corporate sponsor,” said Alicia McCoy, who was a Sanders supporter in the primary and voted for Jill Stein in the general final. “Michelle Obama for president will be a powerful choice,” added McCoy with excitement.

Even a Hashtag #Michelle2020 started trending on Twitter minutes after the announcement of Trump presidency with some tweets consoling people to not give up and urging people to wait for a real election in four years.

In the meantime, a Trump presidency is what lies ahead. “I think it was a good election. It has drama, high and lows. It was a great theatrical production. I think people going on to the rally against trump should think twice because we should all bide by what the result was,” said Hassan Cash, a shop owner in Harlem.