NewsDoc: Incoming Class 0f 2011

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Meet the incoming NewsDoc Class of 2011.

Special Ed at PS94

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School programs for special education students are being cut at PS 94 in the East Village. One mother shares her story of the challenges she faces in trying to provide for her autistic son. By: Weier Ge

East Bowery Gentrification

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The Bowery is the oldest thoroughfare on Manhattan Island, however,gentrification is recently contributing to ongoing change along the Bowery. By: Leon Huang

Wacky Wok

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John Mudd recently opened Wacky Wok, a healthy food option on Avenue D, in an area where food is fast and business is tough. By: Sara Goldblatt

Census 2010: Gerrymandering

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The US Census has always counted prisoners in their district of incarceration rather than their last residence–but that may soon change. One Central Brooklyn resident fights to bring his imprisoned brother’s census vote home.

Women Out of Prison: Family

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After a drug binge which ended in a domestic dispute, Brunilda Rivera lost custody of her son Brandon, age 8. Now, they are reunited and have repaired their relationship, but they have come a long way. By: Leon Hung and