Black & White of Green Building

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We evaluate cars based on how much energy they use. Why don’t we do the same for buildings? One East Village energy consultant’s mission to save the planet. By: Charlie Hoxie

Teens on the Rise

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With teen unemployment on the rise, an East Village graphic design company gives NYC high school students the leverage they need in a competitive job market. By: Lily Vosoughi

Dr. Phil the Tour Guide

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Dr. Phil Schoenburg’s walking tours of the East Village take tourists and locals through the historical and sometimes haunted sites of this diverse neighborhood. By: Becky Flaum

Ink 4 Haiti

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Michelle Myles and Dr. David Ores of the Lower East Side have created a way to raise money for relief efforts in Haiti–through tattoos. By: Devon Petley

East Village Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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Becoming a Brazilian jiu-jitsu champion requires grappling know-how and relentless dedication. Follow one East Villager as he discovers his love for the sport and pits himself against the Northeast’s toughest competitors. By: Andrew Hongo

Portrait of the Artist: Andrew Castrucci

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By: Steven McCann

Ray’s Candy Store

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Ray Alvarez has operated a candy store on Avenue A and 7th St since 1974 but recently has struggled to pay his rent. Many long time neighbors who have grown up with Ray can’t bear to see him go – so they decided to throw a concert to try and keep him in business. By: Alex Liu

Banjo Jim’s

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The East Village has seen it’s share of drastic changes over the years, but it is reassuring to know that at this bar on Avenue C, good music never goes out of style. By: Stacy Libokmeto